My name is Bradley Geldenhuys, I am a thirty something computer nerd now living in the beautiful city of Hillcrest Kwazulu Natal South Africa.  I have been interested in technology from before I can remember, this may be due to the fact that my fiery red hair and pale skin was not a fan of the cancerous sun.  While other kids would be churning up beach sand and not getting freckles and sun stroke I would be ripping apart my families IBM XT.  After hacking the COMMAND.COM to give alternative responses to the everyday “Bad command or file name” my parents got me my own PC which was an awesome 486 DX4 100Mhz 32 MB RAM, the rest as they say is history.

I have worked in the USA and the UK in different IT fields and now focus on Microsoft Technologies notably SharePoint in my professional career.  However in my personal capacity I am interested in almost all technologies and software.  Currently I am CEO of GTconsult a company that focuses on SharePoint and Office 365 Solutions

I will be updating my blog with my accomplishments, triumphs and thoughts.  My only wish for this blog is to educate and hopefully entertain!

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