SharePoint 2010 Hide left quick launch navigation bar

So you chose a SharePoint 2010 template and everything is working out besides the fact that you cannot get rid of the left quick launch navigation bar. Dont stress, this site has a load of great tips and tricks to get you on your way

Hiding the left quick launch navigation bar is easy. Add a Content Editor WebPart (CEWP) to your site and add the following code by editing the HTML source of the WebPart

body #s4-leftpanel 
display: none; 
margin-left: 0px; 

Set the WebPart to hidden and once you save the page the left quick launch navigation bar will disappear

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  1. Zane d. says:

    when I add the above content, the quick launch does indeed disappear while still in edit page mode. When I click on the Save & Close button, the quick launch reappears.

    Also, I get a warning message after saving the html code that says the html code may have been modified. indeed I check it and the code that I copied above and pasted has been changed to this:

    DISPLAY: none
    .ExternalClass2111A43E8B1E412C82C405DDEBFB966F BODY #s4-leftpanel {

    .ExternalClass2111A43E8B1E412C82C405DDEBFB966F .s4-ca {
    MARGIN-LEFT: 0px

    any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?

  2. It works!! 🙂 Very exciting for someone like me! 🙂 Thanks Brad.

  3. Richard says:

    Thanks for this,
    I was able to remove to left nav using the master page method, but when I’d view permissions in browser or view pictures etc the left nav would sit ontop of the text/images.

    This method did just what I wanted thanks!

  4. alessandro says:

    Zane d.I had the same problem as Zane D. It dissapears when editing the page, but when i save it, it reappears. Seems like magic but still doesn’t work.

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