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GTconsult is a SharePoint solutions company which was founded by Bradley Geldenhuys and Craig Tarr.  They currently have office locations in Cape Town and Durban with their sights on Johannesburg in the third quarter of 2013.  Their motto “Everything SharePoint” is exactly what they deliver speaking to the founders.

“With combined experience of over 20 years in SharePoint we believe that we can provide Everything SharePoint, from best practise implementations, exciting look and feel, world class business productivity solutions, business critical workflow design and structure, quality end user and administrative training, end to end governance and ground breaking business intelligence.”  Bradley Geldenhuys

“We have extended our SharePoint Everything offering with fantastic 3rd party products provided by Metalogix, Axceler and Nintex Workflow to ensure our clients get the best quality solutions from best of breed products. “ Craig Tarr

“We have also created an offering that provides remote SharePoint support, maintenance and monitoring we have coined this “Umlindi”, which the Zulu word for “Guardian”.  Our clients who are currently utilising Umlindi have the peace of mind that their SharePoint environment is safe, up to date, secure and always online.” Bradley Geldenhuys

With this amazing experience and success in the world of SharePoint GTconsult have decided to broaden their horizons to farming and production, specifically Pineapples.

GTconsult gets into pineapples

GTconsult gets into pineapples

“Since being in KwaZulu Natal, I have seen a huge gap in the industry for gourmet pineapples and pineapple produce, and we believe at GTconsult we can use our expertise gained from our clients during the many SharePoint projects in food manufacturing, farming and shipping to exploit the pineapple market.” Bradley Geldenhuys

“Using the same passion we have for SharePoint we shall transfer that energy to making pineapples a South African staple and ensure a truly unique and unforgettable experience for all.” Craig Tarr

From Everything SharePoint to delectable pineapples GTconsult is defiantly a company on the rise.  Check out their website here

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