uses threats to take down blog post

As you can see in the comments of my previous blog “ is rigged” TopSharePoint is now trying to blackmail me in order for me to remove the article. What really annoys me about this situation is I have clearly explained above how everything went down and I have nothing to hide. Yes we used TOR sites but it was only because we knew that this practise was already been put in place by the TopSharePoint team to put whoever they deemed fit as site of the month.

Now I get bombarded with messages from Top SharePoint to remove the article or they will publish the Log files of what we all know will only include a one sided view of what happened. TopSharePoint you are already dabbling in the dark side so no matter what you do now, how can we the public believe that what you are saying is true?

TopSharePoint here is something you should try, add a Facebook like button to each site instead, that way all votes will be accounted for. I don’t see you actually carrying this out, simply because then you won’t be able to guarantee the highest bidder the site of the month will you?

As for your requests to take down this article, how about no … and how about you stop trying to blackmail people? I have been afforded the right to Liberty, which if you have forgotten is the souls right to breathe. I will not be pushed around and be told what to do, not by you or by any of your threats.

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  1. steve says:

    It’s not unusual for people to manipulate votes to suit their needs. Clearly you struck a nerve.

  2. Brian says:

    So, what;s the deal here? You agreed you used TOR to manipulate your site rating. I see your site is back on the top. It doesn’t look like TopSharePoint is rigged., but that’s just my opinion. I think you play a bit unfair here.

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