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SharePoint Saturday Cape Town 2011

I really enjoyed this event and it was such an honour to be part of the SharePoint Saturday Cape Town 2011 CREW!  I’m going to make my Oscar speech now and thank Alistair Pugin for organising the event and asking me to help out, mate if it wasn’t for you none of this would of happened.  Naz Parker from Sanlam did an outstanding job with the venue, his track and all the background items that went on.  To my wife Annelie Geldenhuys for doing such a great job with suppliers and organising such great swag, thank you again my love.  Ben Curry, Zlatin Dzinic and Michael Noel, we owe you all big time for making the long haul all the way from US to present.  Veronique Palmer, Christopher Simusokwe, Vanessa Raath, Francious Pienaar for making a special appearance from Jozi.  For all the other speakers for and attendees who made it a great day, Thank you.

You can check out the video and pics created by Intervate on the day here, thanks to Mark Fletcher and Troy Gerber for organising this!

Without further a due my slide deck form my session “Unlocking the power of Claims-Based authentication in SharePoint 2010”

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