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Office 365 Saturday Europe is going to be Epic!

I have the honour and privilege to be accepted for the 2nd year in a row to speak at Office 365 Saturday which is an online event available to everyone around the world. The event boasts 20 top class speakers and excellent topics. It’s a great way to get your knowledge on from the comfort of your couch or get a few peeps into the office and share a pizza and make a day out of it. It’s also the easiest way to win an XBOX ONE ever, just attend and you have a chance to win.

Register Here

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What is the Value of Keeping Your SharePoint Farm Healthy?

Let’s take a step back quickly to assess this question. Let’s pretend you have saved up for a very long time to buy your dream car, and during that time you sacrificed so much to make your dreams a reality. When that faithful day arrives and you walk into the dealer pick out the gorgeous rear weal drive, cherry red convertible giving you eyes from the showroom window. While you start to sign the papers the sales person asks “Would you like a maintenance and service plan with that?”, and you reply “Of course sign me up!”, Why did you not say “No Thanks I got it covered, I have google to assist me when a problem arises” Well the reason you most probably didn’t say that was because you know how much time and money you have put into your purchase and the last thing you need is for something to go wrong to it right?

This is exactly why keeping your SharePoint farm healthy is of utmost importance to anyone who uses the platform. If you are like the hundreds of thousands of business’s out there that utilise SharePoint as a platform for business critical day to day requirements then keeping the motor running is of utmost importance. It doesn’t matter what workflows and business automation you have developed, or how many users have adopted or the fact that it works everywhere on any device, because the fact remains that if SharePoint is not running none of those features work either.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, why don’t you join us for a free webinar on how we at GTconsult manage hundreds of SharePoint farms worldwide run at peak performance with maximum uptime day in and day out.

Join the Umlindi webinar on Thursday, October 30th at 11am Pacific to learn more.

Register here

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GTconsult expands

GTconsult is a SharePoint solutions company which was founded by Bradley Geldenhuys and Craig Tarr.  They currently have office locations in Cape Town and Durban with their sights on Johannesburg in the third quarter of 2013.  Their motto “Everything SharePoint” is exactly what they deliver speaking to the founders.

“With combined experience of over 20 years in SharePoint we believe that we can provide Everything SharePoint, from best practise implementations, exciting look and feel, world class business productivity solutions, business critical workflow design and structure, quality end user and administrative training, end to end governance and ground breaking business intelligence.”  Bradley Geldenhuys

“We have extended our SharePoint Everything offering with fantastic 3rd party products provided by Metalogix, Axceler and Nintex Workflow to ensure our clients get the best quality solutions from best of breed products. “ Craig Tarr

“We have also created an offering that provides remote SharePoint support, maintenance and monitoring we have coined this “Umlindi”, which the Zulu word for “Guardian”.  Our clients who are currently utilising Umlindi have the peace of mind that their SharePoint environment is safe, up to date, secure and always online.” Bradley Geldenhuys

With this amazing experience and success in the world of SharePoint GTconsult have decided to broaden their horizons to farming and production, specifically Pineapples.

GTconsult gets into pineapples

GTconsult gets into pineapples

“Since being in KwaZulu Natal, I have seen a huge gap in the industry for gourmet pineapples and pineapple produce, and we believe at GTconsult we can use our expertise gained from our clients during the many SharePoint projects in food manufacturing, farming and shipping to exploit the pineapple market.” Bradley Geldenhuys

“Using the same passion we have for SharePoint we shall transfer that energy to making pineapples a South African staple and ensure a truly unique and unforgettable experience for all.” Craig Tarr

From Everything SharePoint to delectable pineapples GTconsult is defiantly a company on the rise.  Check out their website here

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I am speaking at SharePoint Saturday Johannesburg #SPSJHB

It’s that time of year again and that means SharePoint Saturday Johannesburg is taking place on the 19th of May 2012.

The event this year will be boasting numerous MVP’s, International Speakers and awesome Local talent as well as yours truly.

It happens every few years and the present is no different, Microsoft has released a new server operating system and a new SQL server.  What’s really cool this time round is that SQL 2012 has major BI enhancements and Windows 8 runs light, really light, which means your SharePoint server now has more power to serve you fantastic fancy graphs! Let’s not forget that SQL Always on and Server 8 Failover Clustering makes the SharePoint 2010 just as Die Hard as John McClane. Join me in a session where I will demo the speed, the beauty and attempt to kill a SharePoint 2010 Farm on its new environment.

For more information and registration check it out here

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There are no addresses available for this application

I got the following error after creating and trying to manage a Business Data Connectivity Service on SharePoint 2010

There are no addresses available for this application.

All I needed to do was start the Business Data Connectivity Service in Manage services …. doh!!

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Upgrade of Nintex Workflow 2010 from V2.0.0.5 to V2.2

Author : Adriaan Steyn

Nintex has released a new version of Workflow 2010, version 2.2 at the end of May 2011.

*To complete the upgrade from the previous version of Nintex, ensure that you still have a valid license; otherwise this upgrade will not be possible.

Navigate to “Add/Remove Programs” on the server hosting Nintex Workflow 2010 and remove it.

(This will not affect the programs functionality in SharePoint 2010)

Do not retract the solutions from the Solutions Management, as this will disrupt users that are currently using the product.

Once this has been done, run the new installation “setup.msi” for Nintex. When it prompts to add the solutions, select “Yes”. This will attempt to automatically upgrade the WSP’s that are currently installed on your solution.

Once the installation has been completed, it will show the solutions page, with the status of “Deploying (timestamp of when this was initialized)”

This is where I ran into an issue, although everything in the supplied upgrade document stated that this will show up as deployed after a while, it was not the case.

After about 25minutes, the 2 solution files were still showing as deploying, with the same timestamp as when the software installation finish. I cancelled both “deployments”, both these files now showed as deployed, but with no Last Operation Time in either.

How to fix this?

Reset IIS, Start -> Run -> iisreset

This will release any threads that are holding onto the WSP files.

Make sure that the SharePoint 2010 Administration service is running, Start -> Run -> services.msc

You will now need to manually upgrade the solutions files.

Start the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell as an Administrator.

 Update-SPSolution –Identity nintexworkflow2010.wsp –LiteralPath “nintexworkflow2010.wsp” –GacDeployment 
 Update-SPSolution –Identity nintexworkflow2010enterprisefeatures.wsp –LiteralPath “nintexworkflow2010enterprisefeatures.wsp” –GacDeployment 

This will deploy your solutions correctly and add the needed DLL’s to the Global Assembly Cache.

You will now be able to access Nintex Workflow 2010 V2.2 from Central Administration.

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SharePoint drive mappings

SharePoint drive mappings can become pretty tricky at times, so this will be a guide to those of you who experience the same issues I came across.

Prerequisites for opening SharePoint in Explorer view or old fashioned command line NET USE or even RUN \sharepoint is WebClient service on the client machine.


To start this service RUN services.msc and right click on WebClient and click start.  If the service is disabled you will need to Right Click -> Properties -> Start-up Type -> Automatic -> Apply and then start.

So that’s the easy part.  Once this is completed you should be able to map a drive to SharePoint.

The following methods can be used.

Open with Explorer from within SharePoint


Open from RUN command and type \Sharepoint with the SharePoint address


Open CMD and run the following command NET USE H: http://sharepoint



  • When using a FQDN to map a drive you will be prompted for credentials.  To avoid this you can extend the SharePoint Web App to the server name only.  You cannot use AAM (Alternative Access Mappings) as this will cause very strange errors when trying to Check-In documents from Word as can be seen below.


Cannot perform this operation. The file is no longer checked out or has been deleted.

  • You are unable to map via HTTPS from SharePoint 2007, this functionality is possible with SharePoint 2010.  You will be able to extend the web application to HTTP to avoid this.


  • If WebDAV is enabled and activated on IIS7 you will run into issues mapping to SharePoint 2010, I would recommend removing WebDAV from IIS7 –



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